Restaurant POS Systems


We have over 20 years of restaurant POS and integrated payments experience. Working with thousands of restaurants of all shapes and sizes allows us to provide the right system for your restaurant. From a tiny coffee cart - to bars and night clubs - to formal dining - and everything in between. 

Retail POS Systems


In today's retail climate, having a powerful POS system with a fast integrated payment solution is essential to your survival. We offer completely custom systems or turn key solutions that will give you full visibility of your entire operation. This will allow you to make educated business decisions. 

Liquor and C-Store POS Systems


Our Liquor Store POS Systems and C-Store POS Systems are unmatched. Our solutions have all of the features and functions you need to be efficient and secure. Features like age check, detailed inventory tracking, labor management, robust reporting and EMV.

Grocery Store POS Systems


Grocery Stores and convenience stores have changed a lot over the years. So has the need for a feature rich Point of Sale and Payment Acceptance Solution.

Our grocery store and convenience store POS systems provide your business with speed, accuracy and ability. And allow you to accept all payment types.

Service Industry POS Systems


From doctors offices and law firms, to eye centers and tattoo studios. Our solutions provide you with the tools you need to track clients, patients, products and services. 

Having the right POS solution will put you above the competition and assist in providing excellent customer service.    

Mobile / Wireless POS Systems


Do you collect your payments while you are at an event or on the road? 

We offer amazing wireless / mobile POS systems that allow you to run your mobile business and take payments securely, from just about anywhere. 

Route sales, food trucks, swap meets - we have you covered. 

Have and restaurant or retail store and want your POS system for free? We can help.

There is NO "CATCH"

QuickLine Payments will provide your business with this incredible Single Station iPad POS solution that is designed for your business type literally for FREE. 

A Solid and Reliable POS Hardware Package that is unmatched by any system on the market. The bundle includes an EMV Certified Merchant Services Account with an EMV device to accommodate the newest payment types such as: "Chipped Cards", contactless payments with phone wallets, You name it.. We have a solution for you. 
This Free POS Systems is specifically designed to match your business type. 

Our Sales Terms and what we will provide is very simple and straight forward. 

Nobody likes hidden fees or Surprises - We get it. Who does? 

The FREE part of the deal.

The POS Hardware Bundle:

  • (1) QLP Pre - Configured Wifi Edition iPad (Versions vary as applicable) 
  • (1) Secure iPad POS Stand
  • (1) Thermal Receipt Printer (Bluetooth or LAN)
  • (1) Commercial Grade Automatic Cash Drawer w/ 2 Keys and Media Slot (13" X 13", 16" X 16" and 16"X 18" Available) 
  • (1) QuickLine Payments EMV Enabled Device (Devices vary upon processor platform - upgradeable devices may be available along with POS Integration Software as Needed) 

The Professional Services 

(Yes - Still part of the Free Deal.)

  • Remote Installation Assistance to insure you are all connected and ready for training (Additional Installation Videos Available)
  • (2) Hours of Remote Assisted One On One System Training (Additional Training is also available upon request)
  • Next Business Day Hardware Replacement Warranty

*** 1 FREE Hardware Bundle Per Customer Account - Approved QLP Merchant Processing Account Required

What is NOT part of the FREE POS Offer?

The POS Software 

(Varies between $49.00 a month and $99.00 a month. So it won't break the bank to make sure you have the best in class software that meets your exact business needs.

- I told you we were upfront about everything!

Just about every business type has its own unique feature and function as well as budget requirements. We listen. And do NOT try to "put a square peg - round hole". 
Understanding our clients true POS needs through a consultative approach enables us to understand your business and provide the correct accompanying software solution to accommodate the FREE POS Bundle.. 
Each customer and individual merchant services clients needs are of our utmost concern. Along with low processing rates, transparency, and a reliable network. 

Your low monthly payment includes amazing industry specific POS software, Access to ALL New Versions and Upgrades and Access to 24/7 Technical Support 

Because downtime costs money!  

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